Toys for Tots Charity Stream

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Friday December 18th to Saturday December 19th. Starts 6PM EST on Friday and goes till 9PM EST on Saturday


Streamed to the Slaughter House Twitch channel

How Can i Donate?

You can donate via Tiltify

Who is streaming?

Friday December 18

6PM-9PM EST - ForestEnt

9PM-12AM EST - BubbaPudding

Saturday December 19

12AM-3AM EST - PyroJ

3AM-6AM EST - DomeChecker

6AM-9AM EST - delysian


12PM-3PM EST - PandaQueen

3PM-6PM EST - suprnovo

6PM-9PM EST - arecklessbunny

9PM-12AM EST - Mackey

Stats from the Stream

Total Stream time: 30 Hours 25 minutes


Average Viewers: 21

Max Viewers: 50

Unique Viewers: 587

New Followers: 57

New Subs: 56

Total Donations: $1,500

Original Goal: $500 

Second Goal: $1,000 

Third Goal: $1,300

Fourth (Final) Goal: $1,500

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