achievements and accomplishments

October 2018: Slaughter House was Founded

March 2019: Unleashed ranked at #12 in New England

April 2019: Operation Phoenix Collegiate LAN Champions

May 2019: Slaughter House R6 Team gets invited to Upsurge GG R6 Invite Series

May 2019: Unleashed places 30th Singles in Smash n Splash Major

June 2019: Slaughter House R6 Team places 1st place in Virtual Immensity Championship 

June 2019: Slaughter House R6 Team and Slaughter House Asylum Team get 1st and 2nd place in Rebels Esports Prize Tournament

June 2019: Unleashed Wins Underground GG LAN

June 2019: Unleashed placed 1st in Weekly Platinum City Gaming Tournament

July 2019: Unleashed Ranked 8th in New England

July 2019: Slaughter House Discord Server Gets Verified

July 2019: Slaughter House R6 Team Win Upsurge GG R6 Invite Series

August 2019: Unleashed placed 65th place out of 886. At Shine Smash Major LAN

August 2019: Slaughter House Placed 15th in the first ever Amazon Cup

September 2019: Slaughter House Enters CCS Women's league

September 2019: Slaughter House R6 Team gets invited to Upsurge GG R6 Invite Series

October 2019: Slaughter House Signs TheredCharlie for Smash. Ranked 14th in New England

November 2019: Slaughter House R6 Team Finishes 3rd Place in UpSurge GG R6 Invite Series

December 2019: Unleashed Places 25th during kick-off singles in Kongo Saga GG Smash Major

December 2019: Unleashed Places 129th out of 909th singles in Kongo Saga GG Smash Major

January 2020: TheRedCharlie Places 49th out of 690th place at NY Smash Major Lets Make Big moves.

January 2020: Partner with Gamer Supps

February 2020: Partner with Akquire

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